What We Do

We help our clients understand how they are perceived on the web by monitoring conversations, analysing data and providing intelligent insights which can then used to inform business decisions and marketing strategy.

We work with organizations from around the world monitoring conversations in eight languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Russian
All our monitoring services are custom-made according to our clients’ objectives but see below for an idea of the kind of things we can offer:

Web and social media monitoring
Brand perception analysis
Our team performs an in depth study over a specific timeframe on how the organisation is perceived by its customers or users, its current industry and market and the competitive landscape We then produce a detailed report focussing on issues that customers have, the opportunities and challenges that market represents, an examination of brand positioning and ways to enrich the product offering based on customer feedback.

Business intelligence analysis
This monitoring takes a high level view of the market. It is undertaken on an ongoing basis and focuses on gathering intelligence on industry trends, concepts and ideas more than individual opinions and how these will affect the future of the market, the organisation and its product offering.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
We can also perform real-time 24-hour monitoring for customer issues and queries. We can then either respond on behalf of the brand or escalate to your own social media teams.

Competitive analysis
Our listeners can study the behavior on your market and draw you a thorough report on the competition, giving you insights into what to do and how to do it better than your competitors. A key part of our service if you are serious about driving results to your door.

Social media profile audit
Our team can also undertake a dedicated audit of your social media profiles to ensure their effectiveness and provide reccomendations including strategy, engagement and competitive analysis helping you to understand how to make your profiles perform better in your section.

Special projects
We are also available to work on special data projects. For more information about our current projects visit the Buzzlab.

Data visualization
Data are nothing if they aren’t represented in a clear, intuitive and analytical way. The available tools on the market allow you to concentrate more concepts in a single view highlighting correlations, connections and contexts. Our effort is also to translate the data we collect in views that are easy to understand, with great synthesis, high level of visual involvement and that guide with simplicity in the course of study.