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As a man speaks, so is he.

Speech is the mirror of the soul; as a man speaks, so is he. Publilius Syrus Words have a meaning and when we talk each other we try to make our thoughts clear through an accurate, even if sometimes unwittingly, selection of the terms. More, in given context, with close friends, mates, relatives, our language [...] +


conductance |kənˈdəktəns| noun the degree to which an object conducts electricity, calculated as the ratio of the current that flows to the potential difference present. This is the reciprocal of the resistance, and is measured in siemens or mhos. (Symbol: G) I got into this pdf authored by Jure Leskovec, from Carnegie Mellon, and few [...] +


With all the major corporations realizing that the social web may have a beneficial impact on their reputation with their customers, we can see a list of newly born social network about almost every topic. The result is that the web ecosystem is getting more and more crowded, think of a traffic jam on a [...] +

Is leadership the missing link between coroporations and social business?

While reading the HBR blog, I gave a look at the tag cloud and notice that the prominent word is leadership, followed by recession, strategy, managing people, communication. They are all (well, recession is not, indeed) included in the social business definition. To develop an innovative strategy is like being at the helm of a [...] +

Yet another social network

(fonte Vodafone just announced the launch for the coming Fall of its own social network. Where’s the problem? Nothing special but the fact that another social network will come to steal another fraction of your time. I’m a fan of social network and truly believe that they are a cool and efficient way to [...] +


Mack Collier: Twitter is about building mutually beneficial relationships, not numbers. Do you know the fiction Numb3rs? The one from Ridley Scott where FBI agents are supported by a couple of professor in Maths? The theory is that all the universe and all the events are linked by numbers, number alone or in sequence. Well, [...] +