Museums and the Web conference #mwf2014

Museums and the Web Florence (MWF2014) is an international conference dedicated to the relationship between museums and places of culture on the one hand and the new paradigms of digital culture on the other: social media, mobile tours, augmented reality. We @Buzzdetector were Media Partner and covered the entire event with our  dashboard developed along with Trendsmap. This [...] +

#ijf14 crowdfunding numbers: it’s good to talk

Crowdfunding: an event in an event The movement supporting the International Journalism Festival crowdfunding campaign has created over 11,500 unique content elements involving a community of thousands of users. Numbers There have been more than 11,500 content elements in a little over a month, with a peak on 02 November 2013 when the ijf14 crowdfunding [...] +

Because context matters when listening Social Media

We all know that each social channel has a specific audience, unique semantic approach, peculiar environment. Dominant social channel such as Facebook with huge audience tends to gather a bit of everything making life of professional contributors not so easy. So it is for social media listening because in someway we could not attribute the [...] +

Web monitoring tool for the Russian market

Рынок каждой страны своеобразен. Российский рынок крайне привлекателен своей культурной спецификой. С маркетинговой точки зрения интересно узнать, о чем говорят потребители в России. Сегодня Buzzdetector может предоставить вам такую информацию. Тестирование программной платформы прошло успешно и первый отчет уже сдан заказчику. Если вы заинтересованы, пишите на Today we add to our online web monitoring [...] +

Of Twitter, conversation, IPO

We believe that Twitter has still a long way to go to become a more friendly environment for conversation. Conversation view may not be the better answer to this need but, perhaps, it’s the better than nothing and worth the try. We at Buzzdetector through our proprietary tools analyzed a comprehensive panel of tweets in [...] +

Welcome over the Great Wall

市场很多很多。中国的可能是最大的也是最复杂的。 能收听到人们说的想法对市场和文化都很有意思。 如今的 BUZZDETECTOR 可以让你们收听到中国市场的信息。 我们在平台上的第一个试验交给了顾客让他很满意。 如果有需请联系 The chinese sign Dào means the path, the route to and it has evolved to the meaning of to show the path. Not all markets are the same. One of the bigger and by far intriguing and  complex is the Chinese market. To know and to understand what [...] +